Post Production Accounting

Trevanna Post becomes responsible for all aspects of traditional production accounting, transitioning after principal photography has wrapped. This includes:

  • Cost reporting and estimating until delivery of the project is complete.
  • Reconciling with the financiers in terms of funding and all other items remaining on the Trial Balance (Deposits, A/R, VAT, Profit/Loss, etc.)
  • Processing payroll, accounts payable, purchase orders, PCards, journal entries and petty cash throughout the post period
  • Revising estimates on tax incentives
  • Analyzing weekly costs and budgeting schedule extension estimates
  • Requesting funding and updating cash flows when necessary
  • Generating monthly bank reconciliations of all production bank accounts
  • Coordinating recoupment of SAG & DGA security bonds
  • Reviewing and responding to all guild, pension plan and insurance audits
  • Preparing 1099s and year-end final reports for Corporate Tax reporting
  • Working in all software platforms (PSL, Vista, Ease) and banking systems, as inherited from production

We endeavor to be your trusted partner, with whom you can brainstorm or discuss any topic of production finance, from issues back in principal photography, to those current in post, and to future ones for delivery.

Most importantly, we do all of the above as cheerfully and cooperatively as we can.

Pre-Prep Accounting

(before you bring on your Production Accountant)

  • Production accounting set-up including banking and payroll services
  • Processing early payroll and accounts payable so the accountant can be ahead of the game on their first day (development, casting, location scouting, etc.)
  • Preparing Cash Flow from externally-prepared budget and schedule
  • Advising on production accounting staffing